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Registration Process



Students of Georgian universities pay 400 GEL until July 10th.
Students of universities that are outside of Georgia pay 200 USD until July 10th.
Students living in Batumi pay 200 GEL until July 10th (food and living quarters are not included in this price).

Individual registration is mandatory for everyone who wants to participate!
Please enter the number of the payment ticket into the form during the registration process.

Bank Information

JSC VTB Bank, 14 G. Chanturia street, Tbilisi, Georgia, 0114                                                            Liberty Bank, 74 I. Chavchavadze Ave. Tbilisi, Georgia, 0162  
SWIFT CODE: UGEBGE22                                                                                                                                                                                     SWIFT CODE: LBRTGE22
Recepient Account № GE56VT7000000009903608                                                                                             Recepient Account № GE84LB0113177505100000

What are the most convenient time periods for you (choose several if possible)?
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